HoMedics SqUsh Blue Tube Pillow

The HoMedics SqUsh Blue Tube Pillow is a tube shaped pillow which contains high volume beads and fabric consisting of nylon spandex. The high quality stitching increases the durability of the pillow as well. This pillow is stretchable as well as squishy for those who enjoy a soft touch.


There are various benefits that accrue to the owner of the Blue Tube Pillow. This includes a high quality cover made of spandex as well as an overall high quality pillow which also contains double lock, internal stitching. The squishiness and the softness of the pillow make it ideal for comfort and can be used behind the head, neck or even placed on the chest.

The durability of the pillow is another significant advantage as you won’t have to look for a replacement any time soon. Its portability is another advantage of the pillow and can be made use of in long road trips or even in trains. At $20, it is a pretty good buy considering the benefits it provides.


While some people appreciated the squishiness and softness of the pillow, others found it to be a bit too flimsy for their tastes and preferred a harder, sturdier pillow. Meanwhile, some complaints have focused on the pillow tearing too quickly and spilling out all the beads from within. Also, a few of the users had an issue with a chemical smell that was emanating from the pillow, though most users did not reports such a smell.


Overall, if you are looking for a soft, malleable pillow that is easily portable, then the HoMedics Blue Tube Pillow is a good choice for you.

The ability of the pillow to adjust itself according to the person using it has helped increase the comfort level of the user and hence, is perfect for people who get a stiff neck from sleeping with a hard pillow.