Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

The multi-purpose reversible pillow offers two different sides with two different levels of firmness and feel. The luxurious pillow is filled with memory foam at one side and cool gel at other side and made up of 100% polyester.

The memory gel side offers medium-soft feel while the gel side offers cooler but firmer feel. The reversible pillow is designed for all purpose use and all sleeping styles with a height of 5 inches. It comes with 3 years manufacturer guarantee and machine washable covers. Shipping weight is more than 5 pounds that makes it comparatively heavy pillow.


The pillow receives an overwhelming positive response from users. Multiple users praised the cooling effect as they are now able to sleep without sweating due to cool gel that gets auto cool. The pillow also provides a great balance of firm and soft at both sides.

Some users also claimed that they used the pillow as their seat cushions due to its amazing cooling effect. The moderate 5 inches height also make it a comfortable fit for back and side sleepers. According to the online feedback, the gel side is also rated as softer than many other gel pillows.


One down side of the pillow reported by few users is the smell of chemicals it comes with but in most cases, it disappears in few days. Even though manufacturer claims that it is for all sleeping styles, but 5 inches height may be too much for stomach sleepers.


The reversible pillow looks like a great fit for people who get hot during sleep. Those who want to use a softer side can switch the side with memory foam. The price is also not at the higher end with a 3 year warranty.

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