Top Tips to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Nobody wants to live with dust mites. Although harmless, would you want to wake up everyday coughing and sneezing? Definitely not.

Here are five tips to eliminate dust mites in your home.

 Reduce moisture levels in your home.

Dust mites love warm and moist places since it is an ideal environment for them to grow and multiply. Therefore, maintain a humidity level between 40% and 50%. Although it does not entirely kill them, this humidity level can push them outside their comfort zone and slow down their breeding.

Wash bed sheets regularly.

Humans shed dead skin through the night and are more likely to fall off the sheets. Fortunately for the mites, human skin is ideal food sources, which explains why a lot of dust mites live with you on your bed. To get rid of it, wash beddings regularly at high temperature (140 degrees Fahrenheit) to eliminate them and their feces.

Invest in dust mite mattress cover / protector.

Yes, dust mite mattress cover does work and you can find them in a lot of linen stores. Dust mite mattress protector helps seal the allergens so you don’t inhale them as you sleep. You can even get an anti dust mite pillow and cover it with a protector so you won’t be able inhale dust mites during sleep. Anti dust mite pillows are anti-allergen pillows which disable the mites to penetrate inside. While dust mite covers can protect you against pests, make sure to employ other measures outside your bed to make them more effective.

Vacuum regularly.

One of the best ways to get rid of dust mites that are living in your mattress is by vacuuming it. However, it does not completely remove mites because of its clingy hooks and suckers on their eight legs. Still, it can help a lot in reducing their number.

Spray in the dust mite spray.

When dealing with pests, the first instinct of most people is to use insecticide or spray to get rid of them. And when it comes to dust mites, dust mite spray can work. You can choose between sprays made of natural ingredients or those with chemical insecticides that are proven to get rid of dust mites. Further, this type of spray is very effective, especially when combined with other allergy control products such as dust mite covers. However, be careful in using dust mite spray since it contains chemicals which can cause an adverse effect when not used properly.

Tips to prevent dust mites in your home

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some preventive measures you can to do avoid living with dust mites.

  • Replace carpets with tiles, vinyl or wood floors.
  • Clean your home regularly.
  • Keep pets out of your bedroom.
  • Get rid of feather pillows and duvet.
  • Clean hard surfaces using damp cloth or mop.

Getting rid of dust mites may be challenging. Just employ these simple tricks and you can finally say goodbye to mites in no time.