TEMPUR Weightless Supreme

The Weightless Supreme is the second mattress coming from this product line. This one has a medium soft feel and is made from Tempur material. Same as the Select mattress, the support layer includes Tempur Float material, which creates a great floating sensation and makes it very comfortable.

The 12 inches thick mattress comes with a removable and washable cover. It includes also handles, which make moving it a lot easier. It is believed also that this line of products provides additional spinal support.


Comfort & quality

A number of satisfied customers leave positive feedback on the overall comfort this mattress provides. They feel satisfaction from the first night of exploitation.

Pain relief

The additional spinal support that this line of products provides has helped a lot of consumers. There are even stomach-sleepers that converted to back-sleepers, due to the pain relief capabilities of the mattress.

Guarantee and trial

The best benefit is the trial, which helps you create an opinion of your own, because that is what really matters, despite all the Tempurpedic reviews out there, including this one.


Not so “medium soft” for some

Although described as medium soft, some people find it firm. This is a drawback, because the investment is significant and you search for something that is worth.

Pain related problems

Although helpful for some customers, there are people intolerant to soft mattresses. So you must take that into consideration, before making a big investment.

High pricing

For that kind of money, you would be expecting to receive a high-class solution. You must first find out what you are searching for and then decide if this is the right product.

Top-class solution for medium soft lovers

If you like medium soft beds and you have the budget to afford top-line products, this is one of them. With the 90 day trial, everything is clear and simple.

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