TEMPUR Weightless Select

Tempur provides a product from the Weightless collection. The name itself says a lot for this mattress. It has a medium weight, but you feel weightless when sleeping on it. It is composed from a base layer, a support layer and a comfort layer. The support layer consists of Tempur Float material, which increases its comfort qualities. The mattress is of 10 inches high, made from Tempur material. It has practical handles and comes with a removable and washable cover. The product also provides a lot of spinal support.



The Weightless Select mattress is manufactured simply to provide comfort for the customer. It surely has achieved significant success, according to a lot of satisfied people that have bought it. The medium feel doesn’t go away and it does surround the body as you change position.

Pain relief

A lot of people have experienced pain relief.

Guarantee and trial

The signature trial of the company really makes a lot easier to make a decision. After you make one, a guarantee ensures it as an addition.


Some customers find it too firm Although it is meant to be medium, there are reports that it is just too hard.

High price, high expectations

The price that you pay for this product surely creates a lot of expectations from it. The issue is that often it doesn’t meet them.

Not same as the store examples

A number of people say that they bought the mattress, because they liked it in the store. But after the delivery, the feel was not the same.

Medium feel, medium solution

If you like medium feel mattresses, this is surely a good one. It also comes at an acceptable price. On top of that you can try it out for 90 days and decide for yourself.

Where to buy?