This product is from the Cloud collection, manufactured by Tempur. It is purposely designed to provide a medium soft feel. The mattress is of 8 inches high, composed of several layers. The materials used are specially developed by the company.

It comes with a cover and is resistant to allergens and dust mites. The medium soft feel also provides a significant support and aligns your body in a pressure-free position. The pricing is medium, which covers a 25 year warranty. A 90 day trial is also available.


Medium soft, but comfortable

The design of the mattress is for people who like to sleep on not so soft, but at the same time not so firm beds. Its place is exactly somewhere between and many people are satisfied with it.

No heat

There are no reports of any heat produced from the mattress. The air-flow aspect of the material seems to work efficiently.

Guarantee, trial

Maybe the best positive aspect is the huge guarantee, provided from the company and the 90 day trial, which can help you a lot on creating an opinion.


Durability issues

It seems that the new material isn’t that reliable and loses its quality over some exploitation time.

Medium soft or medium firm

Depending on your needs, you can find this product either medium soft or medium firm, meaning that for some people it is firmer than they thought it would be.

Doesn’t help with pain

People with pain related issues don’t experience any relief from using this product.

Suits the needs of some customers

The price of the product maybe more than it should be for the features it provides. Then again, it is perfect for people that don’t like extremely soft beds. Pricing puts this mattress somewhere among mid-class solutions, but the durability makes it a mediocre solution.

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