Stearns and Foster Traditional

The Stearns and Foster Traditional Mattress is an upscale mattress that promises the best in quality to ensure your maximum comfort.

This mattress uses separately wrapped coils which are present to ensure proper support and it may also contain wool, latex, cotton, memory foam, silk, horsehair and cashmere in the cover of comfort layer. It is manufactured by Stearns and Foster, which is a company formed in 1908. It is manufactured in the USA.


The mattress is firm enough to provide proper support but it is still soft enough to ensure that comort is provided to the user of the mattress. These mattresses also absorb any movements of the user on the mattress, which is a great benefit to have when sharing the bed.

Most of the users also appreciated the fact that the mattress made absolutely no noise when used, which again will be more appreciated by people who have to share a mattress. The mattress is designed in a manner that will not require the person to rotate or flip the mattress.


The mattress is pretty heavy due to being very thick, which can prove to be a disadvantage. The memory foam in the mattress can sometimes retain heat which can lead to an uncomfortable night of sleep.

The price of the mattress is another matter which has led to dissatisfaction as not everyone can afford the mattress. Many people have complained about the mattress sagging towards the middle after a few months of being used which does not reflect positively on its high price as well. Due to the sagging, users have complaint about back pains while using the mattress.


If you do not mind paying a hefty price tag for a top of the line mattress, then the Stearns and Foster Traditional Mattress is the one for you.

It has a host of positive attributes that are designed to provide you with relaxation and comfort.