Sleep Master 2-Pack Traditional Memory Foam Pillows

This traditional memory foam pillows in standard size brings you to a very restful sleep. You will be on your deepest sleep promoting ample rest of your body and mind. It is simply the best solution to your sleeping problems. It comes in two pillows per pack with poly-velour covers that are very soft. One good thing about the covers is that, it is removable and washable. You can maintain its hygienic properties without the worry of accumulation of any allergens and dust mites. It is very safe and healthy to use.


Comfortable Design

The standard size of the pillow is not too big and not too small either. It is just enough in providing great support during sleep. Finding the right position during sleep is pretty quick also since there is ease and comfort on whatever position you may turn in. It is literally sleeping like a little baby. There were no noted neck pains or body strains after using this item. The covers that go with are too soft that helps you relax more and prevents sweating during napping hours.


Too Small for a Standard Pillow

Issues were more on the size and the thickness of the pillow. Although it was indicated that it is standard in size, on its actual appearance, it is too small and at the same time too thin. It does not provide the needed support at all during sleep. This is especially a big concern when the user is a giant one in size. There is a need to put an additional pillow over it. However it promotes a neck strain as well.

Sleep Just Like a Master!

Get to experience what it is like to be energized and well-rested from getting a good quality of sleep through the use of this Sleep Master Pillow. It is endowed with great details allowing you to rest well and maintain a healthy well-being. It comes in two pillows per pack with great soft poly-velour cover which you can share also with your loved one.

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