Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Sleeping problem? The sleep better iso-cool memory foam pillow is the definite solution. Its visco- elastic foam composition provides enough support to soothe minor sleeping problems. Disclaimer though, this pillow’s material is too firm and more suitable for people who sleeps on their sides.


Regulated body temperature

Body heat is regulated with the pillow’s outlast adaptive comfort material that has microscopic pcm beads responsible for absorbing heat to feel cool or releasing heat to feel warm.

Gusseted design for maximum comfort

Its visco- elastic memory foam in a plush, gusseted design maximizes the comfort while sleeping because the fill maintains a higher loft and the pillow’s height is maintained all the way to the edge. It also provides head and neck support by encouraging the alignment of the head and the neck.

Hypoallergenic material

Irritation while snoozing the night is nothing to be worried about with the pillow’s hypoallergenic material.

Machine washable

Keeping the pillow clean is made easier with the machine- washable foam and it’s easy- to- remove zippered cover.

Firm and pliable

Its material is highly dense to support the sleeper’s weight, molds in response to the body’s pressure and reverts to its original weight when pressure is removed.

High thread count

With a thread count of 300, softness and a silky smooth texture is guaranteed.


Highly dense

A sore neck can be expected with the material’s high density making the pillow too firm.

Easily wears out

The pillow may easily loose its firm support after 6 months.

Faint odor

The pillow may have a faint odor, as commonly reported by those with sensitive sense of smell.

An ideal company for a restful sleep

A restful sleep after a hard day’s work is now easy to achieve with the sleep better iso-cool memory foam pillow. The pillow adheres to the basic requirements a good memory pillow should have but more importantly, its design is essentially suited for side sleepers!

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