Should You Sleep Without Pillow?

Don’t worry, sleeping without a pillow will not harm you. There are even doctors that believe that sleeping without a pillow is beneficial to a person’s posture.

People have existed long before pillows do. Of course; everybody knows that. The point is, people have experienced sleeping without it. However, this doesn’t mean that pillows have been invented only recently. Pillows, 9000 years ago, are not as we know them today with its soft cushion and silky covers. They were initially made of stones, with the primary purpose of supporting and lifting the head.

Still, sleeping with or without a pillow depends on one’s preference. Keep in mind, though, that if you like to sleep with a pillow, you have to sleep on your back, and never on your side.

Sleep on Your Back

This position of lying on your back lets your spine rest on its natural curve. If you’re used to sleeping without a pillow, don’t sleep on your side, or else, you’ll wake up with pain in the neck area.

As a matter of fact, sleeping on the back gives its maximum health and posture benefits when a small pillow is used to support the lower back.

Never Sleep on Your Side or Use a Pillow

Sleeping on the side should always be accompanied with the use of pillows. Consider changing your habit of not sleeping with a pillow if you like to sleep on your side, or else, you’ll wake up with neck pains, as was said previously.

Pillows are really good especially if it is of the size perfect for the user. It brings more benefits than just sleeping without it. However, don’t stress yourself to use a pillow. Don’t, if you’re not used to, but if and only if you sleep on your back.