Serta iComfort Prodigy Mattress

Serta iComfort prodigy is a luxurious mattress that is built to offer comfort and support to its users. It is a latex foam mattress with Gel memory. The gel offers a cooling effect and has antimicrobial properties to ensure your mattress is protected. The mattress adapts to the person’s body when you use it so that it can offer you comfort and support in the areas that are needed. It has Cool Reaction™ Slow Recovery Latex Foam that is designed to complement the pressure relieving support of the Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam and give you that cradle feel.



This kind of mattress is both plush and firm due to the multiple layers it contains. This offers comfort to its users whether you prefer a firm mattress or you are more of a soft cushiony mattress person.


On the other hand, this product has a cooling gel that helps keep your mattress cool during the night thus offering you a more comfortable sleep without the hot flashes.


In addition to the above mentioned benefits of using this mattress, it is not shrink-wrapped and compressed like other memory mattress during delivery. It comes in its full size and ready to use.


The construction of this type of mattress is another reason why many people have chosen to use it in many parts of the world. It is built to suit the needs of everyone. It adapts to the specific body structure of each person thus offering you am individual comfortable feel.


Sinking feel

Due to the cradle-like feature of the mattress some people may feel like they are being submerged into a hole. This may lead you to wake up at night due to having difficulties turning as you sleep.


The latex later in the mattress offers a counter reaction to the pressure you exert on it hence giving it the firm feel. This, however, may be a problem to some people as they complain it acts against their muscles and thus causing backaches.


There are also complains that with time the mattress becomes too soft. It loses its firmness as soon as it breaks-in. This is especially a big issue for those who have back problems as it can make the problem worse.

A decent solution!

This mattress definitely deserves a try from every customer who has a good eye and those who are looking for long-term investment.

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