Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid is a mattress that that combines the elements of Sealy’s best selling mattresses (Sealy’s Classic and Sealy’s Gel) to create a hybrid (hence, the name) that contains the best of both the mattresses. A half spring/half foam design is used when making this mattress which aims to provide a level of comfort and support that far surpasses any other mattress. The mattress weights around 96 pounds.


The memory foam layer on the top is infused with OptiCool Gel to not only conform to your body and sleeping positions to ensure maximum comfort, but to withdraw any heat from the mattress and keep it cool throughout the night. The OptiCool technology has proven to be more efficient in removing heat as compared to other memory foam gels. It helps regulate the temperature surrounding the mattress.

A solid seating edge in the mattress increases the surface area of the mattress on which you can easily sleep while it is also designed to provide exceptional support, especially towards the area where your body tends to be the heaviest. This is done to ensure a longer life for the mattress. The lightweight fabric possesses unrivalled stretching abilities and hugs your body to provide warmth and relaxation.


The mattress is pretty firm in order to provide extra support. However, for osme people, the firmness may come at the cost of comfort as the mattress may be too hard for them to sleep on comfortably. The mattress is also guilty of a chemical odor emanating from it when it is unwrapped though the smell should dissipate in a few days or a week.


At over $1300, this model may be pricy, but if you want to experience comfort like never before, then you will not regret purchasing the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid.