Sealy Optimum Radiance

The Sealy Optimim Radiance is a mattress that uses various innovations and combines them to produce a product that caters to its owners every need while ensuring that a night of peaceful sleep is achieved.

The first layer consists of a 2 inch OptiCool Gel infused memory foam while the middle layer is also two inches thick and consists of OptiSense memory foam. The last layer is around 6 inches thick and consists of OptiSense Plus, and is present to provide support. The mattress weights 103 punds and its measurements are 80 x 60 x 10 inches.


The top layer’s job is to regulate the temperature of the mattress by withdrawing any excess heat from it, which keeps the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night. The middle layer is present to create the feeling that the mattress was custom made for you.

This is achieved by the memory foam adjusting to your sleeping position and body weight while also reducing the effects of any moevemetn that takes place on the bed. This is largely beneficial for those who have to share a bed. The bottom layers ensure addition support which is beneficial for the longevity of the mattress.


Users have stated their dissatisfaction with the support system of the mattress, as sometimes the mattress will start to sink after a few months, which is not only pretty uncomfortable but harpers movement as well. Even rotating the bed has not proven to be a sure fix to the problem.


If you do not mind paying upwards of $1600 for a mattress that promises to deliver maximum comfort, then the Sealy Optimum Reliance Mattress is for you.

The mattress not only promises support (despite a few problems in this department), it also provides a cool, comfortable and refreshing sleep.