Pacific Coast Double Down-Around Pillow

The Pacific Coast Pillow is a pillow that has been specially filled to provide medium support in order to adjust to all sleeping positions while providing the maximum possible comfort.

The Double Down-Around pillow is not only springy and supportive as a result of the Hyperclean Eurofeathers while the extra down provides comfort and softness. The fabric has a 300 thread count while it is made of 100% cotton. This popular pillow is found in the premier hotels worldwide.


The AllerRest fabric present in the pillow is resistant to bacteria and also prevents the growth of dust mites, hence preventing potential diseases and illnesses from developing. The technology used in the making of this pillow helps keep your neck and back aligned, and thus prevents neck injury.

Not only does it keep you comfortable, it stays firm and supportive, though if it does get a bit flat, you can easily adjust its shape. Whether you sleep on your back, on your front or even if you’re a side sleeper, this pillow will adjust itself in order to provide you the maximum possible comfort.


The softness of the pillow may be detrimental for some users who prefer a harder, firmer pillow. For such people, this pillow may not be the best possible choice. Also, even though the pillow can generally be adjusted easily, sometimes it may get too sunken. Meanwhile, some of the users have complained about the stitching of the pillows not lasting very long. At nearly $70, the steep cost has been a turn off for people as well.


If you do not mind shelling out a lot of money for a quality pillow that is guaranteed to provide you significant comfort, then the Pacific Coast Double Down Pillow is for you. The pillow’s ability to provide maximum comfort for every sleeping position is unparalleled.