Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft MicroplushOverfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad

Pinzon Basics gives you a simple overfilled, extremely fluffy and comfortable mattress pad that can improve the comfort aspects of your bed at an acceptable price. Most of the pad is made up of polyester and it uses microplush technology. This technology is developed to add an extremely soft and comfortable feel to every bed. Overfilling with natural materials can lead to very heavy and big products, but with microplush, this mattress pad is very light and it fits every queen-sized mattress.


Overfilled, but light and comfy

It is overstuffed with polyester fill, but at the same time super-soft, comfy and light. This is due to the microplush fabrics, developed exactly for this purpose.

Cheap and effective

The price is very low for the effect it brings. If your bed provides no comfort or has lost its comfort capabilities over time, this is a fine and smart solution to the problem.

Luxury and appearance effect

With this product the bed looks like a giant, fluffy cloud and seems like an expensive luxurious bed. Not only changes the way you rest, but also the overall appearance of your bedroom.


No guarantee!

The company doesn’t provide any warranties, which means acquiring the product doesn’t give you a chance to return it, nor replace it, if it has defects or something goes wrong. This is a big flaw in reliability.

Too synthetic

Trying to accomplish something that can’t be done with natural products, the company has revealed a product that is just too unnatural. Sure it’s cozy, but you feel like sleeping in a lab.

Washing issues

It is too big to wash at home. You must consider dry clean or professional washing, meaning that you must spend more money after the actual acquiring to take care of it.

Too “nylon”, no guarantee, hard maintenance!

Although it provides a great comfort solution at a low price, you will sleep on a huge chunk of synthetic fabric. There is no guarantee that will provide a peace of mind and cleaning will be a constant budget poker, since it is only washable through dry clean or Laundromats.

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