Organic cotton two in one ultra

Made of one hundred percent organic cotton and one hundred percent polyethylene, the Two In One Ultra has a two in one design. The top surface can be wiped clean easily and it meets food contact standards while the bottom is made of beautifully quilted organic cotton fabric.

It has certified cotton filling with two stage soft and firm thickness. It also has a heavy duty orthopedic innerspring that provides comfort to the children. It is available in two sizes; Twin with three hundred and sixty coils and Full with five hundred and twenty eight coils. The six gauge border wire adds to support.


The design of the Two In One Ultra is hypoallergenic and safe for everyone because it is free of harmful chemicals. It is water resistant which makes spills and diaper leaks not a hassle to clean. Your baby will sleep comfortably and peacefully. Your child will find no difficulty in transitioning from crib mattress to bed mattress. It is not too firm to be used by children. It is just right for them. The price is not that much for an organic mattress. It has neither harmful chemicals nor foul odors to make your kid feel uncomfortable.


The waterproof side a little more firm than you would want it to be. Some users have been dissatisfied with the firmness of the Two In One Ultra. They report it is too hard for a child to sleep in comfortably.

Good for the price

The Two In One Ultra is a wonderful mattress to help your child through the growing stage and transition from crib to bed. It has a softer quilted side and a firmer yet water resistant side to accommodate your child in it with ease.