Night Therapy 8 MyGel Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress is provided ин Night Therapy. As we see, the price is low, which can only lead to the assumption that this is a low budget decision. If you are unable for a big mattress investment, this is a choice, worthy for consideration, if you really need an upgrade in your bedroom.

It is 8 inches thick with a 4 inch base, on top of which 2 layers of memory foam are placed. Each of them is 2 inches. The technologies used are MyGel and Pressure Relief foam, which have the open cell technology effect, meaning increased air flow, heat reduce and other.


The main positive aspect of the product is the price. The leading brands are expensive and not all people can afford it, but all people need an upgrade, so this is a very convenient solution.


As expected, quality is far from the leading products on the market. The product is manufactured for people with a low budget for upgrades and the quality that it provides, absolutely meets the price. There is no doubt in that.

Low budget solution

If you are looking up to a new acquisition for your bedroom, but still you don’t want or don’t have the possibility to invest in the leading products, this is the choice. At a low price, it will still provide a part from the effectiveness that expensive products would.

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