Memory Foam Mattress Topper Buying Guide

Buying the mattress toppers ensures that you protect your mattress well as boosting your comfort while you sleep. Some toppers are waterproof and hence suitable for bed wetting toddlers.

You should however note the functionality of the memory foam mattress toppers largely depend on the nature of the existing mattress. The topper will take the shape of your old mattress thereby compromising its functionality; a good base mattress enhances the proper working of the topper. You should thus buy a full mattress rather than buy a topper for the old mattress that cannot support the topper. A topper not only protects your full mattress but also enhances your comfort.

It is important to know why you need a topper before you embark on a search for a good topper; this will keep you in the know of the kind of topper that will suffice your needs.

Who should buy a mattress topper?

  • If you experience backache every morning when you wake up
  • If your neck feels stiff after sleeping
  • If your arms are numb while you sleep
  • If you bed feels uncomfortable while you sleep
  • If your new mattress is firmer than you expected
  • You experience back pain and have arthritis
  • You are advised by your doctor to sleep more
  • You roll severally in bed seeking to have comfort
  • You feel fatigued every morning and spends most of you nights sleepless

Once you have realized that you need a topper you will be able to choose one depending on the intensity of your need.

Factors to consider when purchasing mattress topper

1. Density

Density is one of the features of a memory foam topper you cannot ignore; the more dense the topper, the higher the price. The functionality of the topper will also depend largely on the density where a less dense will protect the full mattress minimally compared to the dense one. Usually, the density is in pounds/cubic foot and will always be indicated on the topper. High density toppers will regain their original shape slowly after being slept on unlike the low density foams that may stay in the shape of the body for long. These high density foams will also respond to the human body temperature; they feel firm at first but softens as you continue sleeping.

2. Thickness

It is important to choose the right topper thickness depending on how firm you need your sleeping surface to be. Thickness is however related to density.

If you prefer firm your sleep surface firm or you sleep on your stomach, a 2 inch topper will suffice you.

If you sleep on your back or your side, you will need a three inch topper to enhance your comfort. Three inches, lower density toppers are good for those who like it soft while sleeping.

The density of the mattress pad is inversely proportional to the thickness of the pad in order to provide the best body support. For this reason, low density foam should be leagued with a thicker pad to support the body well.

3. Temperature sensitivity

One unique characteristic about memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers is that they are softened by the body heat; this allows your body to slowly descend into the topper or the mattress. You should buy the topper with the kind and level of sensitivity that will suit you; this will largely depend on the season. The aspect may be helpful in winter but may be uncomfortably hot during summer as it traps air keeping you very warm.

4. Smells

It would be disgusting to have a topper with a pungent smell; some of the smells are a result of the chemicals used during the production of the mattress or topper. You should always ensure you buy from reputable producers; British for instance provide quality mattresses compared to Chinese. You should leave the topper to air if by bad luck you bought a smelly one.

After considering all the above factors, you are now good to go and make a purchase. You should remember to consider your color preferences or the color combinations that define your flavor. This should however not make your first priority as looks can be deceiving.

How to purchase a mattress topper

The process of purchasing can be challenging especially if you do not have the necessary knowledge concerning the product you are about to purchase. There are many counterfeit goods and hence the need to be extremely cautious before deciding to purchase a product.

The first step is identifying a renowned seller with the reputation of selling only quality and original products. On making a purchase, ensure you place your topper on a slatted base to enhance enough ventilation while preventing the topper from sagging.

It is important to buy a topper with a washable cover if you are allergic to bed bugs. Though the coverless toppers are cheaper and affordable they are not the best option as at times you will need to wash the surface of your topper. A cover will prevent staining your topper in case of a spillage; you will note that some companies will offer the topper protector on its own-in this case you should compare the prices.

Memory foam mattress foam durability

Used regularly, the memory foam has an average life of between three months to four years. High density foams tend to live longer than low density foams. With age, they wear and tear and their functionality reduces swiftly.

In conclusion, ensure that the seller you want to buy from will offer you the needed advice on care and maintenance of the topper. Ask them all the necessary questions you need to know before you leave the shop.