LUCID by Linenspa 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

One of the essential things for a bedroom is the mattress. The bedroom is where you rest after a long exhausting day and the mattress plays a very big role in that. This is why you must be very careful and well informed before investing in one. This Lucid is a 12″ mattress, featuring the latest sleep innovations. It includes three layers of memory foam – a 8″ very dense foam base, 2″ support foam layer, 2″ gel-infused memory foam and on top of everything – a cover that has silver in it. The main ingredient is polyester, followed by cotton, spandex and silver fibers.


Easy to move, to unpack, to apply

These are three substantial types of “easy”. This mattress is made light, it comes compressed in a small box and it starts to expand right after you put it on your bed.

Gel memory foam, silver fibers, cotton

The gel memory foam type is developed for the purpose of reducing heat generation. This product comes with a cover, infused with silver, which provides the needed anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic effects. It also uses a very large portion of cotton.

25 years of warranty

Taking in consideration all the features of this mattress, you can realize that 25 years is just unrealistic, in a positive manner.



Typical for every memory foam product, the chemical smell is present here as well. The upside is that it goes away eventually, but for a lot of people it can be dangerous.

Difficult expansion

Due to its thickness and many layers it is possible for the expansion to take more time than described.

“Resentful” memory foam

There are reports that the foam actually doesn’t reset itself, leaving your impressions for some time. Very resentful foam indeed!

Quality product in overall!

There are some negative opinions, but the positive ones have an advantage. It is possible to receive a defected example, but you can return it, due to 25 years of guarantee. You can think of it in another way, you practically sleep on silver for a not that impressive price!

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