LINENSPA Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Gel Memory Foam

The pillow is made up of gel memory foam to provide a soothing cooling effect for sleepers. The use of shredded memory foam ensures better breathability and air circulation. To add to the luxury feel, the pillow comes with 100% cotton cover.

The weight is around 3 lbs that is light for gel pillows with a maximum height of 6 inches at mid-loft. The memory foam filling provides medium-firm support as it conforms to the shape of head and neck to provide healthy support.


The pillow is rated positively for its comfort and support. As it compresses with the weight of head, the 6 inch height provides great balance for back and side sleepers. The use of shredded memory foam makes it a softer option than other memory foam pillows. Many side sleepers claimed that pillow conforms and adjusts it shape quickly when they turn to the other side without causing any discomfort. The gel also provides consistent cooling effect and keeps pillow cool for whole night.


The main complaint is about the strong chemical smell but it fades away with time in most cases. The 6 inch height is not for stomach sleepers. Some users also claimed that the dense pillow is heavy to carry around. Couple of users also rated it very hard to sleep on but for most reviewers, it is firm and medium soft.


The online feedback about the comfort this pillow provides is overwhelming with few complaints mostly about the odor that comes naturally with memory foam pillows but fades away in two to three days.

The pillow is also inexpensive (just $21.99) if compared to other memory gel pillows. It makes a good fit for back and side sleepers who are looking for softer memory foam pillow with a consistent cooling effect.

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