Intex raised downey air mattress review

The Intex Raised is an air mattress that is available in Queen sizes only. This raised airbed has a dual chamber construction. The top surface of the airbed is totally waterproof made of heavy duty vinyl. It is inflated or deflated with an electric, high powered and built in pump. The lower chamber of the Intex Raised acts as a box spring to provide sustainable support. The approximate size of the airbed is dependent on how much it is inflated however it is estimated to be eighteen inches. It weighs twenty two pounds approximately.


One of the appealing characteristics of Intex Raised is that it is manufactured in Georgia, USA. It is commented to provide deluxe comfort and support to its sleeper. It is highly durable as compared to other airbeds out there. It comes with a drawstring bag that it can perfectly fit into and is portable. Its added height is great for getting in and out of bed easily without struggle. The built in electric pump is ideal for even the slightest inflation or deflation and the cord fits right into the little compartment.


The sad yet true part is that the Intex Raised does not come with a warranty therefore one cannot make any claims in the case of a dissatisfaction. The customer care hotline is not very caring either; all the supervisors are in China and they barely speak English. Therefore once you are dissatisfied with the purchase, you cannot do much about it.

Definitely worth the money

Keeping mind the unfortunate cases of leaks or punctures that some people have experienced, the Intex Raised is a great airbed than most. And can give best performance for up to three years. Hence my advice is to go for it.