Hotel Collection Triple Compartment Feather Pillow

The feather and down filled queen size pillow is manufactured by Hotel Collection, a Canadian Manufacturer. The three layer feather pillow is designed for back sleepers to provide maximum comfort. The outer most pocket is filled with dense white down, medium layer is also filled with down while the core is filled with pure waterfowl feather.

The cover is made up of 240-thread count fabric. It is double stitched with hypoallergenic cover to provide protection against poking feather. The pillow is available with three different varieties of density level.


The creative three layer approach provides utmost comfort and a great balance of soft and firm touch. The pillow is also easy to mold as users want and provides great support to prevent neck aches. Feather pillows are often considered for side and stomach sleepers but this particular product is designed for back sleepers as it provides necessary lift to keep the head, neck and spine of the back sleepers at perfect balance.

The top two down layers conforms to the shape of head and neck without getting too flat. Customers also rated the pain relief potential for back and neck pain positively.


Some customers claimed that the price is a touch high. For one customer, it is harder than pure feather pillows but most users consider it medium-firm.


Feather and down pillow by Hotel Collection is a great option for back sleepers who want to switch to feather and down pillows. It provides a good lift without getting too flat under the head load.

The pillow is also good for side sleepers but not an option for stomach sleepers due to firmness and lift. Overall, the rating is mostly positive with only couple of complaints that makes it a good option for customers.

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