Dynasty Mattress New Luxury Grand 15-Inch with 7.5 Memory Foam Mattress

This new model of Dynasty Mattress possesses extraordinary features that will surely bring awe and admiration. It is crafted from high quality materials that bring out extra comfort and convenience bringing you to a wonderful sleeping experience. The foam is designed not just to give comfort but to act in response to your body’s shape and contour, and temperature as well.

The layers of the foam were designed to reduce pressure points and follow the shape of the body. The mattress is covered with pretty and magnificent cover using a brown suede cloth. It is attractively designed with gold piping that surrounds the edges of the mattress.

It is extremely beautiful and elegant. It is also hygienic and environment friendly with its anti-microbial and dust mite-resistant features. You can avail of the 120 –day trial to experience the wonders of this foam. Once you decide to purchase one for your own. You will also enjoy a 20-year warranty. Simply amazing!


A great sleep without any body pains upon waking is indeed true when using this model of Dynasty Mattress. It simply provides great support to the body and maintains temperature that promotes a sound and good sleep. No matter how heavy or light you are and the number of times this mattress was used, still its firmness remains. No sagging and deforming noted. It is worth every penny.


Too heavy and Firm

Upon unloading the mattress, you need to give the best of your strength since it was too heavy. Just to find out that the mattress also was too firm and hard. With this, there were instances that sleeping is not that comfortable and it gave some pain on the back and other parts of the body depending on the sleeping position.

Luxurious Mattress

Enjoy the royal feeling when you come to lie down on this new model of Dynasty Mattress filled with extraordinary and luxurious features. Get the ease and comfort that you have been longing for. So indulge yourself with one now and you will never regret it.

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