Dynasty Mattress 15.5 inch

Another mattress provided from Dynasty Mattress. This one is 15.5 inches thick, composed out of 6 layers, using the usual technologies in the industry with no innovative ones in particular. The innovation is maybe in the 4 layer memory foam technology. There are three 2 inch memory foam layers covered by a plush cool gel memory foam layer, 1.5 inch thick. The base is 8 inches with 2 inches of cool airflow base foam and 6 inches of regular support foam. The 120 day trial is present here with the 20 year warranty.


Comfort capabilities

Although it took some time for the customers to get used to the product, its comfort capabilities are as it is described from the company. A luxurious feel, as said in some of the reviews. It also takes the shape of your body, which is the prime goal of the memory foam technology.

Pain reducing effects

There are some of the customers that have bought the product, because they had pain complains. As described from the manufacturer, it does help and a lot of people felt relieved.

Trial and warranty

You have a chance of a 120 day trial, for free. This is a great feature, meaning that if you are unhappy with the product you can easily return it in that period of time. If you choose to keep it, you are again ensured for 20 years.


Construction issues

The mattress is very thick, big and heavy, which makes the movement very, very hard. There are reports that it required more than one or two people to move it around.


As usual for products that use this technology, some of products can produce heat, according to negative reports.


Also a usual aspect for products, manufactured from memory foam. A lot of chemical processes are used in the making, which leads to chemical smell, which eventually goes away, but can be harmful.

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