Dream Supreme Plus 100% Gel Filled Pillow

The Dream Supreme Plus 100% Gel Filled Pillows are what sensitive sleepers should to buy. Whether a back, side or stomach sleeper, its polyester gel fiber filling definitely provides the comfort all types of sleepers ought for. It offers adequate support but a little bit heavy for those who ought for fluffier pillows.


Comfortable Though synthetic, polyester fiber gel filling gives off a silky smooth quality and the softness along with cushy feel that a typical down pillow offers but denser than the latter. Its cover is also made of sateen cotton for additional comfort.


Pillows fiber gel stuffing guarantees its hypoallergenic quality. Fiber gels prevent allergy- causing dust mites from accumulating.

Machine washable

The pillows can be machine – washed.

Firm and pliable

It can easily be molded, folded or scrunched in any way to provide any type of support needed expected from a pillow.

High thread count

What makes these pillows softer and more durable is its 370 thread count. Its high thread count keeps the filling from getting out and impurities from getting in.


Compared to other pillows of similar features, these are relatively cheaper.


No neck support

Sleeping with the head tilted up a little is possible due to the absence of neck support in the design of these pillows, making the sleeper prone to neck aches and headaches.


Soft pillows are good but these are too soft and the stuffing is too thin that, when pressed on both sides, the fingers are almost touching.

Faint odor

To those with sensitive sense of smell, the pillows may have a faint hydrogen peroxide stench.

Comes in standard size.

These pillows are available in one size only, the standard 20” x 26” size.

Quality pillow for a good night!

If looking for a pleasant night in sleepily, having dream supreme plus 100% gel filled pillows for company is a good option. It provides the basic qualities any good pillows must have without the need to break the bank!

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