Down Etc Feather Pillow

The feather pillow is manufactured by Down Etc and consists of 75% white goose feathers and 25% of white goose down. The 235 thread count cover is made up of 100% cotton. It comes with double stitching for longer durability and to avoid poking feathers. The fabric and material used to fill the pillow is hypoallergenic to cater to the needs of allergy sufferers. The dimensions are 20 x 30 inches with adjustable height and weight of just 2 lbs.


The pillow is moldable, comfortable and soft but keeps consistent firmness due to 25% down. It received an overwhelming response from users for its comfortable and luxurious feel. Customers also claimed that the pillow is very fluffy that makes you feel like if you are floating on your pillow.

As the mixture of down and feather maintains softness and moderate firmness, it becomes a good option for back and side sleepers along with stomach sleeper. It can keep the head of the back and side sleepers to right level without getting too soft under the weight of head.

The best rated feature is apparently its firmness that keeps the head and neck at the best possible position. Another positive is no complaint about poking feathers unlike many other feather pillows probably due to double stitching.


There are not many complaints about this pillow. Couple of customers complained that they are looking for firmer pillow as it gets flat under head weight. One customer also complained about odor but most customers claimed that the pillow comes without any chemical smell.


The pillow looks like a great option for all three sleeping styles. It is just 3 inches high to make a good option for stomach sleepers but the support it provides due to 25% down also makes it a viable option for back and side sleepers. The positive rating about comfort and softness it provides make it a mist to try pillow.

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