Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

The pillows go well with the head and neck keeping the body aligned while sleeping; so neck and back pains as well as other discomforts are not experienced. The soft feel of the pillow allows the user to have better sleep. However, though some customers may feel good about the pillows, others find the pillows to cause more neck and back pains and inconvenient to use .


Design and Construction

While the pillow is softly made with no lumps or flat spots, it is also designed to provide support to the neck and other parts of the mid-section of the body. The user of this pillow will experience good sleep with no neck pains, shoulder discomfort, jaw spasms or lower back pains that will be experienced. Every part of the body seemed perfectly aligned with this kind of pillow when sleeping.

Comfort and Convenience

The pillow is vey comfortable and cool to use, soft to the touch and has no chemical odors; dozing off is easy with its good feel to the skin. There will be no more waking up at nights because of pains experienced at the neck or lower back part of the body as well as shoulder discomfort and jaw spasms. This pillow is suitable for whether you are a back, stomach or side sleeper.

Washable Pillow Case

Pillow case is washable so it can always be kept clean and comfy.


Flaws in Design and Construction

The pillow was overly tall and does not compress enough. It holds the head way too high resulting to neck pains and shoulder discomfort. The pillow is perforated not just at the center but also the borders.

Comfort and Convenience

A strong chemical odor makes the user nauseous and uncomfortable. Even after the pillow case has been washed and aired, the strong odor still continues to linger causing headache and discomfort to the user.

Final verdict!

This product seemed to be perfectly suitable to certain users as the specifications of this product served its purpose yet others experience the exact opposite.

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