TEMPUR Cloud Supreme Breeze

The TEMPUR – Cloud Supreme Breeze adds a dash of coolness to your sleeping experience thanks to its CoolMax© moisture-wicking, removable cover for a soothing and peaceful sleep experience. This super-soft mattress comes with extra-soft comfort layer yet the moderately-conforming TEMPUR-Feel offers adequate support

Allergen and dust mite resistant, cleaning is also a breeze thanks to its removable, white whirl super-stretch cover. It’s also very durable so it returns to its shape even after years of use.


Cool comfort

The TEMPUR – Cloud Supreme Breeze is noticeably and significantly cooler than almost all of Tempurpedic other mattresses letting you sleep more comfortably through the night. While it’s as soft as sleeping on a “cloud,” the mattress does provide great support ensuring less tossing and turning when you sleep. Plus, even if there were any tossing and turning, the beds have reduced motion transfer so you won’t feel our partner moving around when you sleep.

While the bed does not feel cool to the touch, it does provide the right level of cool comfort, which is great for warm nights and especially warm sleepers.


Stiff as a board

While it offers cool support, the TEMPUR – Cloud Supreme Breeze may be quite stiff for those who are more accustomed to the softer and more “sunk-in” feel of foam mattresses. If you feel that this mattress is either uncomfortable or too hard, TEMPUR has a 90-Night Tryout policy as well as a 25-year limited warranty.

Great for a good night’s sleep

Great support, cool comfort and yet extremely soft and comfortable, the TEMPUR – Cloud Supreme Breeze is worth every penny. You sleep more soundly and if you don’t, TEMPUR’s 90-Night Tryout policy as well as a 25-year limited warranty lets you return the mattress.

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