TEMPUR-Cloud Select

The TEMPUR – Cloud Select offers you the cushioned comfort you seek with responsive support you need. It cushions your body with its deep extra-soft TEMPUR-ES material comfort layer for soft-tailored fit while aligning your body for more restful sleep.

It also reduces motion transfer so that both partners have fewer sleep interruptions. Cleaning is also a breeze thanks to its removable, white whirl super-stretch cover. Plus, it’s built with great durability to withstand years of use so it always returns to its original shape time after time.


Sleep as sound as a baby

The TEMPUR-ES material minimizes pressure points thereby reducing tossing and turning when you sleep. The soft yet supportive feature also offers optimal airflow and breathability so you sleep more comfortably through the night.


Hard as a rock

For those who prefer softer mattresses, the supportive nature of this mattress may be too firm for your liking. Especially for side sleepers, you may wake up feeling some numbness on your shoulders and hips.

Pungent odours

Even though the “off-gassing” odours do eventually subside, the initial smell you experience when you first sleep on this mattress may be quite overwhelming for some. For those who cannot stand the smells, do give it more time to air out and it will eventually go away.

Great for those who need extra support!

This mattress is perfect for people who require more support when they sleep as this beds is highly conforming. Though the “off-gassing” odours do subside, it is advisable to explore other Tempurpedic mattresses that exude less pungent odours. For those who prefer sleeping on soft mattresses, this may not be the perfect mattress for you.

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