Sleep Master 13-Inch

This mattress features infused memory foam, MyGel, for a refreshing, cooling and invigorating sleep experience Combined with the sturdy Pressure Relief System, you can rest assure of a peaceful and sound night’s sleep.

Memory foams are infused with Evergreen, a green tea extract to neutralize odours and ActivCharcol, purified charcoal to absorb moisture and odour-causing agents. Bio Foam, natural seed oil, is also used on all its mattresses to minimize the usage of petrol-based oils. Sleep Master adopts the “Sleep Green” motto, believing that comfort should come from using the ingredients that are safe for you and the environment.


Relaxing & cool comfort

You can experience a higher level of cool comfort with this memory foam from Sleep Master. The 2.5″ cool layering MyGel foam sits on top of 1.5″ of premium memory foam, 3″ of pressure relief foam and 6″ of support foam and gives it a sturdy yet relaxingly-soft experience.


Some airing needed to rid odours

Upon opening the package, you will realize a relatively overpowering odour, sometimes know as “off-gassing” that usually happens when you open packages that have been vacuum-sealed for some time. It is advisable that you air out the mattress for about 48-72 hours before putting on the sheets.

A cool sleeping experience

The memory foam mattress by Sleep Master provides the ideal balance between a sturdy, solid feel with the lush and cosy comfort of its gel-infused memory foam. Except for the relatively mild odour which you can air out within a few days, the 13-inch gel memory foam mattress by Sleep Master seems to deliver a comfortable, relaxing and cool sleeping experience.

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Sleep Master 13-Inch
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