Sleep Innovations Mattress topper

The product covers extra-long twin beds and improves their comfort aspects. It is perfect for college dorms. Pricing is very reasonable and shipping is completely free. Thickness is 2” when fully expanded and high end memory foam technologies are used. SureTemp open cell is one of them. The cells are with hardened walls, which draw to a medium firm feel, aligning perfectly your body, giving you comfort, calmness and safety during the night. It is said that the temperature under your body will be neutral and with the hypoallergenic effect quality rest is guaranteed.


Even, soft and supporting

This topper is capable to turn every type of bed or mattress into a completely renewed and upgraded one, which grants it a top place in comfort solutions.

Anti-allergenic, -bug, -dust mites, -pain

A lot of anti- right? And there is even more. This topper simply provides a solution for every problem you might run up to.

Easy to carry, maintain and clean

The memory foam is able to compress so much that it can fit in any bag and any washing machine. This is a very valuable aspect, because most toppers are big and once full-sized, unable to compress.


Chemical odor

As it appears with every product made out of memory foam, this one has a specific smell after you unpack it too and it takes some time for it to go away.

SureTemp open cell makes the topper stiff

Due to the hardened cell-walls it is believed that the topper is more firm than it has to be.

No protection cover

A cover provides additional assistance in maintaining the topper. This company doesn’t provide one, so cleaning will be more often and damage is more likely to occur.

Fits every pocket and every bed!

Although it has some negative sides, for this amount of money you are ensuring another few years of life to your mattress, preventing yourself of investing a lot of money in a new one. Also it has 1-year guarantee and customer feedback is in overall positive.

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Sleep Innovations Mattress topper
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