Sealy Optimum Destiny

The Sealy Optimum Destiny is a mattress that aims to ease your sleeping woes by combining comfort with support. Its initial layer is 2 inches thick and consists of OptiCool gel which is infused with the memory foam.

The next layer is an inch thick and contains OptiSense memory foam. The last layer is 6 inches think and its job is to provide an extra level of support. The queen sized mattress measures 90 pounds and its measurements are 80 x 60 x 10 inches.


The upper layer has been combined with Outlast technology which removes any excess heat from the mattress which in turn regulates and moderates the temperature of the mattress, ensuring that it remains cool throughout the night.

The next layer serves a dual purpose; it adjusts to your body position and sleeping positions while also minimizing any effect of movements on the mattress. This can be particularly advantageous for people who have to share a bed. The mattress has been designed in a manner that will make sure that its comfort levels are not affected while simultaneously increasing its life.


The mattress is firm without compromising on the softness. However, after a while the mattress can get softer. This is a problem for those who enjoy a firm mattress.

Furthermore, if the owner sleeps on the stomach, then he can develop neck pain as the stomach will start sinking in to the soft mattress, placing greater stress on the shoulder and neck. Even though the mattress does minimize motion on the mattress, after a few weeks, the owner may be able to feel someone else’s movement on the mattress.


If you are living alone, then the kinks in the mattress won’t have much effect on you which is why the Sealy Optimum Destiny Mattress is a good choice for you.