Restonic Healthrest TempaGel

The Restonic Healthrest TempaGel Mattress is a mattress that uses Restonic’s latest memory foam, which is patented, to provide comfort and rest for its user. The memory foam of the mattress is gel infused, which provides a host of benefits. It also makes use of Outlast technology which is present in order to be able to regulate the temperature surrounding the mattress. It also incorporates the Airflow Edge technology, which is employed around the edges of the mattress.


The TempaGel technology provides several advantages to the user, which include reducing the user from tossing and turning throughout the night due to discomfort, helps to keep the temperature moderate throughout the night to ensure a great night’s sleep and tends to eliminate any pressure points that may be present which in turn will help to improve the circulation.

The Outlast technology provides a uniform, moderate temperature across the mattresses while avoiding any fluctuations of temperature that may occur. Along with the TempaGel technology, the Outlast technology also prevents the user from tossing and turning due to heat. The Airflow Edge technology actually increases the surface of the mattress where the user can sleep while also improving the circulation of air.


Despite the latest technology that has been used in making this mattress, the problem of an odor was not corrected. Several users have stated that there was a strange smell that was emanating from the mattress after it was unpacked. They also stated that the smell lasted several days.

Meanwhile, other users have stated that the mattress started to sag towards the middle a little after a few months of use, which can be problematic for the people who share a bed. The price may be a bit steep as well. Conclusion If you want the latest in technology in mattresses and do not mind the price tag, then this Restonic Mattress will be the right one for you.

Restonic Healthrest TempaGel
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