Lucid plush memory foam and latex mattress

The Lucid Plush comes in six different sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. It is sixteen inches in height with a one inch bamboo charcoal memory foam top. This memory foam is collaborated with a three inch plush memory, a two inch latex comfort layer and ten inches of high density base foam. The foam is Centripur-US certified and is shipped in the most convenient manner possible.


Not only does the mattress infuse foams of ultimate luxury, but since top is made of bamboo, it is hypoallergenic. People with severe allergy issues will not have any troubles with it at all. The Lucid Plush comes with a twenty five year warranty from the manufacturer.

The latex foam is resistant to dust and allergens. The delightful combination of latex and memory foam is specifically beneficial to people with orthopedic problems. The mattress is completely free of any CFCs or any other ozone depleting chemicals.


The Lucid Plush has very few drawbacks or negative qualities. The first is that is not manufactured locally in the US but rather in China. Apart from this, the mattress is insanely expensive. Since the mattress has layers of foams, it is quite heavy if you ever want to move it.

The higher the price, so is the quality

It is no secret that the Lucid Plush is very expensive but the comfort and luxury provided by it is tremendous and extraordinary. However before buying it you should consider whether it is worth spending so much money on one mattress when you can probably find a cheaper mattress of good quality. Therefore my verdict is, yes if you have the money for it or else you should keep looking for another one.

Lucid plush memory foam and latex mattress
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