LUCID by Linenspa 8 Firm Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress packed with awesome features and versatility that is the Lucid Firm Memory Foam Mattress by Linenspa. It is an 8 inches in thickness with a 2 inches memory foam comfort layer and a high density foam of 6 inches. It comes with an open cell technology that maintains a cooling effect on the mattress and firm structure that lasts. The design perfectly aligns the curvature of the spine up to the neck and the shoulders providing good support and comfort. It prevents strains and body aches. It also contains antimicrobial and dust mite resistant properties that help in keeping a healthy environment during rest and sleep. You can be assured of its durability and quality due to careful selection of its materials. It is free from any chemical that will harm the environment and most of all your health. A 25-year warranty is contracted once the item is purchased and it is certified as 100% CertiPUR Foam.


Great Support and Comfortable Mattress

Truly this amazing memory foam mattress does maintain a temperature that promotes great comfort during sleep. It is soft in texture and provides great support that eases the body pains. Upon waking up in the morning, you simply feel very good without any aches at all. The covers work perfectly fine and the size particularly its 8-inch depth is just so right.


Too Soft, Poor Support, and Awful Smell

Common issues raised with the use of this mattress were more on its sturdiness and capability to support. After some months of use, it was noticed that some portions of the mattress were too soft already and it cannot provide the support that the body needs during sleep. It is no longer firm and comfortable to sleep on. A certain chemical smell gave off when the item was newly purchased which lasted for a week.

Perfectly Designed Mattress!

With its technology that give utmost comfort and therapeutic effect during sleep simply makes this mattress enormous. You will surely benefit a lot when you have this at home and enjoy the 25-year warranty that you cannot find in other mattresses.

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