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The Intex Raised is an air mattress that is available in Queen sizes only. This raised airbed has a dual chamber construction. The top surface of the airbed is totally waterproof made of heavy duty vinyl. It is inflated or deflated with an electric, high powered and built in pump. The lower chamber of the Intex Raised acts as a box spring to provide sustainable support. The approximate size of the airbed is dependent on how much it is inflated however it is estimated to be eighteen inches. It weighs twenty two pounds approximately.


One of the appealing characteristics of Intex Raised is that it is manufactured in Georgia, USA. It is commented to provide deluxe comfort and support to its sleeper. It is highly durable as compared to other airbeds out there. It comes with a drawstring bag that it can perfectly fit into and is portable. Its added height is great for getting in and out of bed easily without struggle. The built in electric pump is ideal for even the slightest inflation or deflation and the cord fits right into the little compartment.


The sad yet true part is that the Intex Raised does not come with a warranty therefore one cannot make any claims in the case of a dissatisfaction. The customer care hotline is not very caring either; all the supervisors are in China and they barely speak English. Therefore once you are dissatisfied with the purchase, you cannot do much about it.

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Keeping mind the unfortunate cases of leaks or punctures that some people have experienced, the Intex Raised is a great airbed than most. And can give best performance for up to three years. Hence my advice is to go for it.

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If you are looking for an inexpensive and comfortable camping bed then the Intex Raised Downey Air mattress is the way to go. Last December, I wanted to buy a strong and durable camping bed and a friend of mine recommended this air bed. I had not used an airbed before and I decided that it was time to try one out. I bought the Intex Raised Downey Air mattress. At about 22 inches above ground, this has to be the safest and most comfortable way to sleep in the outdoors. The bed comes with a high-powered, in-built air pump for quick inflation (it takes only five minutes to fully inflate the bed). A plush top surface layer provides sufficient softness making you feel warm and cozy. I can also easily set this bed up at the guest room to act as an extra bed for visitors. Many friends have complemented the coziness and the luxurious feel of the bed. Unlike other mattresses I have used before, this one did not have the strong new product odor. I have used this product for six months now and I have not encountered any problems. This is definitely, a good buy.

by Bernard

The Intex Raised Downey Air mattress is hands down the best airbed around. I bought this bed for the December festivities as I was expecting some guests at my house. The day I received the bed I decided to test it. I wanted to check out the kind of experience I would be providing my guests. I found the bed to be very easy to set up. The in-built pump helps to quickly inflate the bed in less than five minutes. If camping, use a blanket or a cover on top of the mattress to prevent it from getting cold. Otherwise this is an excellent airbed, complete with an airtight system, which prevents any air loss, making this one the beds that stay fully inflated throughout the night. The bed also has an indentation on the side allowing the user to firmly anchor his or her sheets enabling you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Unlike other airbeds, the Intex Raised Downey Air mattress is more durable and has a drawstring bag where you can quickly pack it and go with it wherever you want. The price is also very affordable. The one thing that this bed’s manufacturers should do so as to be at par with the competition is to increase the 90 day warranty so as to ensure that customers are more comfortable buying the bed. Otherwise, this is an amazing product.

by Eddie

I bought this bed last year when I had gone to Haiti to volunteer. Though the bed was cheap and all it provided me with a lot of comfort during the three months I was volunteering. In fact by the time I was done I decided to pack it up and go come back home with it. The Intex Raised Downey Air bed has quite a number of features lacking in other beds I had used previously. First, it was easier to climb on to. Second, the bed felt more comfortable than some of the motel beds I have previously slept on. It was as if I was levitating all the time. The makers of this bed achieved the perfect balance between softness and firmness. The superior construction of the airbed has made this bed, one of the most durable airbeds in the market. The bed comes with an in-built pump that allows for quick inflation. It is also quite portable. The one thing I didn’t like about this bed is that it doesn’t come with a warranty. This is perhaps due to the high quality of the construction? I am not sure. What I am confident about is that I have not experienced any leaks. Furthermore, the level of comfort I felt when I first slept on this bed is still the same up to now (six months down the line).

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