Zinus 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen – Review

The Zinus Sleep Master mattress topper comes with 2” gel memory foam. It ensures great comfort and support due to the amazing features it boasts of. The gel memory foam helps to maintain the ideal temperature for the human body. It is CertiPUR-US certified, which implies that it is made from finest quality material and can prove to be the most durable mattress topper from you.

The extra layer of conforming and cooling memory foam in this topper helps to get rid of the body soreness and pain in the neck or the shoulder. It doesn’t come with a cover as you can fit it under any standard sheet you have for your mattress.

The mattress topper can remain fresh, even after the prolonged use due to the state of the art technology used to make it and with the use of natural plant oil, which includes all natural active charcoal and natural green tea extracts. All these features help it to absorb the moisture and eliminate the unpleasant odors.


You can add comfort to your old mattress with this 2” mattress topper from Zinus. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty for enhancing the satisfaction level for the customers. One of the best parts of the mattress topper is its packaging and shipping.

The makers have used their patented technology to efficiently compress the mattress topper, and conveniently roll and ship it in a box to deliver it to your doorsteps. Furthermore, the mattress topper is available at the most reasonable price.


The major complaint that the customers who have had purchased this mattress topper are that it doesn’t get soft and fluffy enough. Moreover, the makers have advertised as it the mattress topper with an extra layer, which enhances the coolness.

However, many purchasers have complained of waking up sweating on this mattress topper. It has low breathability, which makes it hot; hence, it doesn’t maintain the body temperature as claimed by the makers.


The final word for the mattress topper from Zinus Sleep Master is that it can be worth your money if you aren’t expecting it provide you the certain coolness while you are sleeping. The firmness of the topper may prove to be comfortable, but the sweatiness can make it difficult to sleep on it.

If you are buying this mattress topper, it is suggested to open the package within 72 hours of receipt. Moreover, give it at least 48 hours for returning it to its plush shape before using it.

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