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The bamboo shredded memory foam pillow is manufactured by Snuggle-Pedic, a United States based manufacturer. The pillow is designed to provide more air ventilation and better breathing for users. The fabric used for cover is micro-vented, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and machine washable.

The cover is made up of 56% polyester, 43% bamboo and 6% Lycra. It is designed to provide a cooling effect for entire night without getting hot. The manufacturer also claimed to use eco-friendly shredded memory foam with guarantee for its consistent shape and firmness.


The pillow is among the highest rated pillows on online review websites. The adaptive pillow is designed for all three sleeping styles. It quickly adjusts to the sleeping position and conforms to the shape of neck, head and shoulders to provide healthy support and posture. It received an overwhelming positive response for its effectiveness for neck and back pain relief.

Few disabled users who had difficult past time finding a pillow that can fit to their comfort needs rated it as the best pillow ever. For comfort, users had used the terms like “incredible”, “awesome”, “great”, etc.

Customers also claimed that it provides deep sleep and they are able to wake up energetic. It is also easy to activate as there is no need to put it in the dryer to fluff up unlike many other similar memory foam pillows.


It is hard to find negative reviews about this pillow. Few customers complained about bamboo like smell while couple of others complained about discomfort.


Snuggle-Pedic offers 20 years of warranty for their pillow with 90 days of money back guarantee in case customers want to return it for any reason. If you are looking for effective results for back or neck pain relief, this is the pillow you need to buy.

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by Victor

I had bought many cheap pillows but they were all the same and made me to wake up feeling tired. I decided to do some research on the right pillow I could get. Actually I was looking for a pillow with most stars and great reviews. I came across several of them and then noticed this pillow. It had only 2 five star reviews. I read more about product description and I noted that actually, the product had 90 days money back guarantee. Its life span was estimated at 20 years. To me, this was incredible. Also, I dug up more information on this product and I was happy that it was made in the United States of America. At this point, I decided to order for 2 since I had noted that I could send them back within 90 days if I was not satisfied with their performance.

When I received the pillows, I eagerly stripped them from the packaging. It took them some time before they fluffed up but I was latter amazed by the size and the firmness. The pillows are firm, malleable and have enabled me to start enjoying the nights. I recommend this pillow to all even though I find them too heavy.

by Tyson

This pillow is very disappointing; it is a lot firmer than I was made to believe. After using it for a period of one week, I received an email from the seller asking me whether I liked the pillow or not. I wrote back and told them it was too firm for my liking. They advised me to wash and dry the pillow so that it could soften. They also promised to take the pillow back if it did not soften. I followed the instructions, washed and dried them. As I was putting the pillow case back, I discovered that it had a number of holes and some frayed out spots at the sides. I also noted that the seams were not well sewed. This was the first time I had spend too much money on a pillow. I was disappointed and requested for a refund.

I was later contacted and asked if I was satisfied with the pillow. I informed them that the pillow was too firm and it had tears along the seam. The company asked if I could allow them to replace the pillow with a softer one.

I received a replacement a few days which looks perfect. I was surprised at how the company stood behind their product. Having worked in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years, I understand that defects can happen even in a case of strict QC procedures. Because of this, I will change my original review and give it 5 stars.

by Clifford

One of the reasons that made me purchase this pillow is that I am a disabled veteran with a broken neck and back. I had 44 surgeries and I have titanium plates and screws fixed in my neck and my lower back. Because of this, it takes me a lot of time before I sleep. For the past 4 years I have been sleeping on a couch because I need to support my neck and back. I have bought many pillows in the past 25 years, but none of them has been able to give me the comfort I require. In short, I have bought 8 from Amazon and 20 from Walmart. Most of the pillows I have bought have been nice but they get lumpy or go flat after a few weeks. They don’t give me the service I need from a pillow. This is why I came to Sleep Mentor where I found the Snuggle Pillow. I read a few reviews about the pillow and decided to try it.There are a few companies that will actually allow you to try a pillow for 90 days and if you aren’t satisfied you send it back for a refund. Oh yes, this pillow is costly and shelling out $70 on it is costly for me. However, since I had an option of getting my money back if I didn’t like it, I thought to give it a trial.Before I received the pillow, I got an email from the company thanking me for the purchase. They explained to me how the pillow is made and how I could receive the pillow. They also told me to mail them if I had any question. The pillow arrived as promised, well packaged with a sheet full of contacts and information about the pillow. The pillow is heavier than any other pillow but easy to handle.The pillow smelled horrible but I put a pillow case and I slept. This was the first time I was able to have 6 1/2 hours of sleep in a period of over 10 years.I recommend this pillow because it is made from high quality materials and is quite soft on the skin. It is the best pillow I ever had since I broke my neck.

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