Serta Cypress Duct Cotton Review

Cypress Duct Cotton Queen Futon mattress is manufactured by a well known mattress brand, Serta. It is lace tufted 8-inch mattress which contains 288 Bonnel Innerspring Unit.

Covered with fiber and foam on top and bottom of the innerspring, the mattress ensures superior comfort and support. It comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and available in three different colors including, natural, khaki and black.


The mattress was well received by the customers. Some consumers even replaced their bed mattress with the cypress futon mattress. Some of the customers were so satisfied that they even said that the mattress exceeded their expectations and they couldn’t not believe how durable and relaxing it was.

The innerspring core is also praised as it offers healthy support without sacrificing firmness. Some of the reviews also said that it was too good for its price. Usually it is hard to find mattress this good and at such an economical price, but the cypress is a totally different case. Some customers said that they liked it so much, they bought two extra mattresses.


With all the praises, there were some complaints regarding the mattress too. Most of these complaints revolved around mattress not being able to fit in the futon. A lot of consumers said they were annoyed because it was difficult for them to bend the mattress and every time they tried to fit it in the futon, it would slide out on the floor.

Besides that, one consumer complained the mattress didn’t rise up to 8 –inch and that it is only 5-inch high. Some complaints were regarding the weight of the mattress; the consumers said they found it extremely difficult to handle it on their own as it was too heavy.


Mostly, the customers were pretty satisfied with the quality and comfort of the mattress. It is a good fit for people who are looking for supportive innerspring bottom layer instead of foam bottom layer.

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