Serta 12-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress

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This mattress with deluxe cover adopts the latest sleep technology to give you absolute comfort with optimal support. Its exclusive 3-layer design offers you peace of mind and exceptional relief while its memory foam stays cool and gently cradles you when you rest.

Comes with a 20-year limited warranty and is consistently rated for its exquisite comfort and optimum support.


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Cool comfort when you sleep

Serta’s gel support beads ensure that your sleep surface stays cooler longer for a more restful, relaxing and uninterrupted sleep experience.

Full-body pressure relief

Serta’s 3-layer design that combines gel-memory foam, ActivAir foam and support foam gently conforms to the movements of your body giving you superior pressure relief that is one of the causes of mid-sleep awakenings. Plus, it provides proper spinal alignment so you toss and turn less when you sleep.


Conforms too much

While Serta’s foam mattresses are built to snuggle your body when you sleep, it may take some time for you to adjust it can sometimes feel like you are “rolling out of a dip” when you move around. For those who do not sleep in one position all night, it may be quite difficult to turn over when you’ve been in one position for some time.

Heavy and bulky

At 12-inches, these gel-memory foam mattresses are relatively heavy in weight and quite bulky. If you choose to get one, it would be helpful to get someone to carry and install the mattress for you.

Comes with the “brand-new” smell

You may experience the “new smell” from the foam that may sometimes last for a few days. Although it is completely harmless, those who are sensitive to odours or have allergies could find it annoying and should be cautious.

Compare with other mattresses

Overall, the Serta 12-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress has an above-average rating. It’s comfortable while giving you adequate support when you sleep. However, it’s rather bulky and if you are not used to foam mattresses, it may take some getting used to.

For its price, it is advisable to compare with other Serta models as well as other mattress brands.

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