Ryleigh Ultra Luxury Pillow Top Review

Ryleigh-Ultra-Luxury-Pillow-TopThe Ryleigh Ultra Luxury Pillow Top from Beautyrest has the height of 15.5 inches. It is made and assembled in the US. It has an Aircool Max Memory foam layer for providing enhanced comfort while you are sleeping. It also boasts of Aircool Gel Memory Foam for evenly distributing the weight on the mattress. This equal distribution helps to get relief from the soreness of the lower back and shoulder pain.

The ventilated Aircool Beautyedge technology, with which this mattress is manufactured with, helps to keep the mattress fresh by enhancing its breathability. With this feature, it keeps the temperature of the person sleeping on it in control. The pocketed coil technology of this mattress enhances the back support it provides, which makes it comfortable to sleep on.


One of the major pros of this mattress from Beautyrest is that it is SmartMotion compatible. SmartMotion bases can affect the overall quality of your sleep. It allows you to adjust the base of your bed in a comfortable position for sleeping or for watching television while lying in bed.

This mattress from Beautyrest is compatible with the SmartMotion bases; hence, it provides utmost comfort whether you are sleeping, reading or watching TV on it. The mattress boasts of innovative technologies, which enables it to give quality and restorative sleep.

Another benefit that is associated with this mattress is that it will minimize the sensitivity of your partner’s movements. You will be able to have an undisturbed and sound sleep, even if your partner is getting out of bed at midnight. Moreover, it will provide relief from soreness in the back or shoulder because of the even distribution of body weight and enhanced support.


It is an expensive mattress, which may make it difficult for individuals to buy who have budget constraints. Moreover, it is on the heavier side; therefore, handling and setting it up can be a tough task. It comes with a 10-year warranty, which is less if we compare it with the warranties offered by other leading mattress brands.


To conclude, the ultra-luxury pillow top mattress from Beautyrest boasts of all the features, which a top-class mattress must have. It offers complete value for money if you are willing to afford it. We recommend this mattress if you have feel soreness in your lower back or pain in your shoulder when you wake up. Due to its extensive features, you will be able to have a quality sleep and start your day with a certain freshness.

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