Hotel Comfort Bamboo Covered Memory Foam Pillow

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This memory foam pillow with bamboo cover by Hotel Comfort is designed to provide comfort and luxurious feel to sleepers. The manufacturer uses shredded memory foam to encourage air circulation and improved cooling.

The bamboo cover also provides cooling effect and soft touch. The fabric is hypoallergenic that makes it a good fit for people suffering with allergies. The dimensions of the pillow are 14 x 8 x 8 inches that makes it small pillow but with good height. The pillow is designed to provide relief from stiff neck and tension in body.


The pillow received positive feedback from side and back sleepers. Few customers claimed that shredded memory foam makes it softer than other memory foam pillows but keeps its support and firmness for long time.

The pillow is also rated positively for its pain relief potential by many customers if not by all. One customer claimed that it provides a great balance between hard and soft. Customers also said that the pillow molds well with the head and neck shape.


The 8 inch height makes it impossible to use by stomach sleepers. Other common complaint is about the hard smell that takes time to fade away but it is often natural with memory foam pillows. Few customers also had issues with the firmness as it proved too hard for them.


The pillow works well for many people suffering from stiff neck and pain. The size is a good fit for queen pillow covers. The bamboo cover provides luxurious feel to users while use of shredded memory foam creates a great balance between good support and softness.

The pillow is rated comfortable from most of the users with few complaints about hardness and height. If you are looking for a pillow that is soft, supportive and keepss cool for the entire night, Bamboo Covered Memory Foam Pillow by Hotel Comfort can be a great option.

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by Stef

Very comfortable, with just the right balance of hardness and softness. The review provided above is very accurate. It is good for a side sleeper like myself. It might be slightly high for a smaller person--I'm 5 feet 6 inches--but only for the first few minutes of resting on it. I found myself comfortable throughout the night. I rather like the smell of the cover. The texture of the cover is very comfy. In fact, I mainly bought the pillow to use with my psychotherapy clients as I thought it would be so comforting to hold and caress. I decided to try it out as a pillow, and was so pleased that I posted this review.

by Lia

To high,to stiff not good for a small person ( under 110 pds)Was supposed to help my fibromyalgia,but actually got it worst!!!

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