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Home Life 8-Inch Futon Mattress Review

Home Life 8-Inch Futon Mattress

Containing 5 independently-encased coils, the 8-inch microfiber futon mattress ensures premium comfort for users. It is a perfect fit for any futon and guarantees a good night sleep. The futon mattresses are not popular for a perfect sleep, but this mattress just change the way you think.

It comes in different colors including, tan, brown charcoal and chocolate brown. Containing quality foam and several layers of polyester, this probably is one of the most comfortable mattresses you will ever buy.


The customers had some really good things to say about the mattress. Almost all of the users said that the quality of the mattress was pretty remarkable. The customers particularly liked the fact that the mattress was very affordable, yet it had all the qualities of an expensive mattress.

It was mentioned in one of the reviews that sleeping on it the first day felt like sleeping on a $1000 dollar mattress. Another customer mentioned the fact that the sheets can be removed and washed easily. Some of the customers even said that it was thicker than they expected and that they were certainly impressed. Most of the praises basically revolved around good pricing and comfort.


With good reviews, there were a few complaints as well. Some customers were not happy with the fact that the mattress was too hard to bend. It was also mentioned in one of the reviews that it was pretty heavy and bulky to move. Besides these two complains, it was hard to find any negative feedback.


Out of all the reviews, most of them were In favor of the mattress. There was absolutely no serious complain regarding the comfort or health issues as most of the customers seemed pretty satisfied with the quality and pricing. The mattress was highly recommended by most of the users.Q

owner satisfaction
90 %
70 %
70 %
back pain relief
80 %
no odor
90 %
no noise
80 %
not hot
90 %
motion isolation
90 %
edge support
60 %
easy to move on
80 %
low maintenance
80 %

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