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Available in sizes Queen and Twin, the Double-High Quickbed is an exquisitely tall airbed. It has a triple layer elevation designed to give it a height of that of a regular bed. It has a soft and luscious plush top for ultimate comfort and relaxation. It is made of high quality, puncture resistant PVC. It has a Comfort Coil for added support and like all other Coleman mattresses it has a state of the art Coleman Airtight System so the bed stays inflated.


Not only is the triple layer a great benefit for accessibility but the price for it is just right making it affordable for everyone. It is durable and can last up to two years. The advanced Wrap N Roll system is a convenient way for storing, packing or converting the bed into a portable air mattress.


Although the Double-High Quickbed claims it can support two people on it, this can get a bit uncomfortable therefore it is not really for two people. Generally air mattresses are supposedly accompanied by a pump howeverit is not one of those airbeds.

Yes, you would have to purchase a pump separately for this bed. The Queen size of this bed is actually a little smaller than a standard Queen bed. I recommend keeping a warm bath towel underneath the bed sheets if you are sleeping in a cold area; this will make the bed more warm and comfortable to sleep in.

Airbed without a pump?

Although it is nice and portable, it does not come with its own electric pump. This means you have to spend extra dollars on the pump. On the other hand it has all the great qualities you would want in an airbed.

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by Tipper27

The Coleman double high Quickbed has got to be the best airbed currently in the market. I just used it last week for camping and I must say it was very easy to set up and operate. One must buy a Quickpump separately so as to quickly inflate or deflate it. The pump is electric and makes work very easy. If camping, use a blanket or a cover on top of the mattress to avoid it getting cold. Otherwise this is an excellent airbed that stays fully inflated all night. The bed is also easy to wrap up and store away. At about 16 inches above ground, it makes it easier to get in and out of bed. The bed also has an airtight system that prevents any air leak. Unlike other airbeds, the Coleman double high bed comes with 35 coils on the top layer for increased comfort. The price is also very affordable. The one thing that this bed’s manufacturers should do so as to be at par with the competition is to include a repair kit so that one can easily mend the bed if there is a puncture. Otherwise, this is a great product.

by Jones

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing the Coleman airbed as I thought that it would just add up to the clutter in my garage. I was however, pleasantly surprised when I bought it. The comfort I experienced on the airbed was more than what I had experienced at some motel beds I had slept on. My skepticism came from my previous experience with airbeds. I had previously used another brand for camping but it slowly lost air as the night wore on. However, this bed provided a completely different experience. I weigh about 355 pounds and I was able to sleep comfortably on the Coleman airbed without it losing even an ounce of air. The unique Wrap N Roll feature also makes it easy to fold this bed away for storage, if one needs to use the room for other purposes. The bed is also quite easy to get onto. The one thing they should include in the purchase is a pump. To get more customers, the makers of this bed should include a built-in air pump. But at about 70 dollars you wouldn’t expect that much from them. In spite of this shortcoming I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

by Ben C Smith

I feel like most of the users of this bed have only used this bed a few times. My wife and I have been using it for almost every night for the last two months as we looked for something better. For the first few days we also thought that this was an excellent buy. The bed was as high as normal beds and once you get it pumped you are good to go. We live in Florida, so there was no need for a comforter to make it warm at night. We really loved the soft, luxurious feel of the bed. It definitely felt comfortable for the first few days, until it started developing holes. Last night the bed developed its fifth hole. All the holes are on the top side of the mattress. And you would think that every airbed manufacturer would supply it with a repair kit. But that’s not the case with this Coleman airbed. Instead, you have to improvise with duct tape and some super strong glue. Thus, the marketing line “puncture-resistant PVC” isn’t exactly true. Moreover, you have to buy the pump separately.

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