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What’s really important to look for in an air mattress when you’re looking to buy one? How does the Coleman Double-High Quickbed air mattress compare to other mattresses in the market? If you’re searching for answers like these in hopes of finding the best air mattress for you and your family, look no further! We’ve done the work of compiling all the information you need to decide what you want in an air mattress.

We know time is valuable. We know you’d likely rather not have to spend lots of time search the web for what you’ll need to know about this mattress. We’ve put together all the best and worst attributes of the product to help you in your purchasing decision. If the Coleman Double-High Quickbed air mattress is best for you, you’ll know it by the end of this article!

What’s Important in an Air Mattress?

What do you value in an air mattress? Some of the most important things to consider when purchasing one are its size, durability, fill-time, and included bonuses. Depending on what you want the mattress for, you may have a few extra questions of your own. If more than one person wants to sleep on it at a time, the capacity could be a concern for you. If you always find yourself sinking to the ground when on an air mattress, its height may be quite important to you.

Whatever your questions are, we’ve worked to thoroughly answer them all for you specifically about the Coleman Double-High Quickbed.

Size and Height

The Coleman Double-High Quickbed is flexible in size. It comes in both queen and twin sizes to provide you with a comfortable sleep whether you’re sleeping by yourself or with your partner. It easily fits sheets made for twin or queen beds. Add a thick blanket or sleeping pad between the mattress and sheets. You’ll have such a restful night of sleep it’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a real bed!

The height of the air mattress is actually quite a bit taller than regular air mattresses. This gives you an extra bit of barrier between you and the floor, and also makes it easier to get on and off the mattress. You’ll feel more like you’re sleeping in a regular bed rather than camping out on the floor with an air mattress.

Durability and Capacity

How long with the mattress last for? Does it get leaks easily? To answer the first question, how long the mattress will hold up for depends on the use it goes through. If it’s used often or by heavier occupants, it will wear down faster than less frequent use by lighter people. This mattress, though, will hold up to 600 lbs at a time.

The mattress has a double lock valve that is supposed to prevent leaking. To some extent, it does. Just like any other mattress, however, eventually, a leak will likely happen. Some leaks can be fixed by a repair kit. This mattress, however, does not come with a repair kit.

Air mattresses don’t last forever. This mattress, though, is a good example of one that will hold up for a good amount of time.

Fill-Time and Bonuses

How long does the Coleman take to fill up? As is, the fill-time could be a long while. The mattress, as mentioned, is quite tall. The extra height is a definite benefit! That same height, however, takes a good amount of time to fill up.

The mattress does not come with a pump, but it would be to your benefit to purchase one. A pump would ensure you could have the height you want without spending much time at all filling it up!

Although the mattress does not come with a pump, it does come with something to store it in. In fact, the storing container is unique in that it is actually attached to the mattress. It’s a flap along with some strings that you simply roll the mattress into. It’s easy, fast, and you don’t have to worry about losing the bag!


  • It comes in two different sizes.
  • It easily fits standard sheets.
  • It’s taller than most air mattresses at 18 inches tall. No need to worry about sinking to the floor with this mattress.
  • It has a storage container conveniently attached to the mattress.
  • It supports up to 600 lb so several people can sleep together.
  • It has a comfortable, slip-free plush top layer. Add a blanket and sheets to that and you’ll feel like you’re in your own bed back at home!


  • Just like any air mattress, it will probably get leaks eventually.
  • A patch repair kit is not included. If any repairs are needed, you’ll have to buy a separate repair kit or use your own supplies.
  • It doesn’t include a pump. You’ll either have to blow it up by mouth, which would take a very long time, or purchase a pump.
  • It smells rubbery when you first use it, however, the smell will go away in a fairly short amount of time.

The Verdict

If you want a mattress that feels a lot like a real bed, the Coleman Double-High Quickbed is a good choice for you! It’s convenient in how it offers two sizes so you can easily buy beds for the whole family. Its uniquely tall height adds comfort, and it’s definitely a bonus that the storage unit is attached to the mattress. You won’t ever need to worry about losing the bag!

A pump not being included is a downside, however, pumps can be purchased for inexpensive prices. A pump could be easily acquired, and the Coleman is a comfortable, wonderfully tall choice. The lack of a pump doesn’t detract from the wise choice this mattress is. Whether you’re wanting an extra bed for house guests, or a comfortable way to go camping, this mattress is an excellent choice for you!

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 3 reviews
by Tipper27

The Coleman double high Quickbed has got to be the best airbed currently in the market. I just used it last week for camping and I must say it was very easy to set up and operate. One must buy a Quickpump separately so as to quickly inflate or deflate it. The pump is electric and makes work very easy. If camping, use a blanket or a cover on top of the mattress to avoid it getting cold. Otherwise this is an excellent airbed that stays fully inflated all night. The bed is also easy to wrap up and store away. At about 16 inches above ground, it makes it easier to get in and out of bed. The bed also has an airtight system that prevents any air leak. Unlike other airbeds, the Coleman double high bed comes with 35 coils on the top layer for increased comfort. The price is also very affordable. The one thing that this bed’s manufacturers should do so as to be at par with the competition is to include a repair kit so that one can easily mend the bed if there is a puncture. Otherwise, this is a great product.

by Jones

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing the Coleman airbed as I thought that it would just add up to the clutter in my garage. I was however, pleasantly surprised when I bought it. The comfort I experienced on the airbed was more than what I had experienced at some motel beds I had slept on. My skepticism came from my previous experience with airbeds. I had previously used another brand for camping but it slowly lost air as the night wore on. However, this bed provided a completely different experience. I weigh about 355 pounds and I was able to sleep comfortably on the Coleman airbed without it losing even an ounce of air. The unique Wrap N Roll feature also makes it easy to fold this bed away for storage, if one needs to use the room for other purposes. The bed is also quite easy to get onto. The one thing they should include in the purchase is a pump. To get more customers, the makers of this bed should include a built-in air pump. But at about 70 dollars you wouldn’t expect that much from them. In spite of this shortcoming I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

by Ben C Smith

I feel like most of the users of this bed have only used this bed a few times. My wife and I have been using it for almost every night for the last two months as we looked for something better. For the first few days we also thought that this was an excellent buy. The bed was as high as normal beds and once you get it pumped you are good to go. We live in Florida, so there was no need for a comforter to make it warm at night. We really loved the soft, luxurious feel of the bed. It definitely felt comfortable for the first few days, until it started developing holes. Last night the bed developed its fifth hole. All the holes are on the top side of the mattress. And you would think that every airbed manufacturer would supply it with a repair kit. But that’s not the case with this Coleman airbed. Instead, you have to improvise with duct tape and some super strong glue. Thus, the marketing line “puncture-resistant PVC” isn’t exactly true. Moreover, you have to buy the pump separately.

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